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Who we are

Isogeo is an innovative company which was created in 2009 with the aim of helping public and private organizations equipped with a GIS optimize the use, sharing and value increase of their geodata. It is based on an in-house team of experts specialized in geodata and the Web.

Isogeo edits and commercialize a web-based platform that allows to discover (inventory), document and share their geodata. Thanks to this solution and a personalized assistance (technical and methodological), our clients easily catalogue and increase the value of their geodata.

The company is also a training organization in the GIS (Geographic Information System). Therefore, our clients benefit from our expertise in the INSPIRE Directive, Open Data, ISO norms and standards used in the geographical information sector.

The Isogeo Platform allows you to discover, document and share your geodata.



The Isogeo platform is based on the strength of its API (Application Programming Interface) RESTful that allows the development of applications suitable for all needs, using metadata as an intelligent abstraction layer for connecting services on the data assets. A third application can be developed by Isogeo, an integrator, a partner or an independent developer.